We have experience at the following structural modifaction programs:
  • F50
    •  SBF50-57-019 The Inspection and Modification of the Connection between Stringers and Ribs Outboard of Wing Station 10760

  • F70/F100
    • SBF100-53-091 The Modification/Reinforcement of the Skin Panels and Stringers Aft of the ACM Outlets
    • SBF100-53-108 Improved 4-Inch Diameter Air Conditioning Ground Connection Access Panel

  • ERJ170
    • SB170-54-0004 & SB170-054-0005 Modification of nacelles/pylons fairings 

  • AH64 
           o AH64-SB-53-007  Replacement Retrofit Frame FS530
           o Provisions for the Netherlands BLK I to BLK II Modification

  • CH47   
    • 1CH47-1-7-033      EAPS Engine Air Particle Separator
    • ICH47-SB-52-008 Jettisonable Cockpit Door
    • ICH47-SB-52-007 Cargo Ramp Reinforcement


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